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Are Staging Companies Worth the Cost?

If you are selling your home, you are likely wondering if staging companies are worth the cost. As a seller, you want to make as much as possible, so spending money is not something that you are very eager to do. When it comes to home staging, you will most likely recoup much more than the cost to hire the company. Those who have sold their home after having it staged have reported that this service worked out even better than they had expected.

Faster Sales for More Money

  • Statistics show that a staged home sells significantly faster than a non-staged home. Close to 90 percent of stages home sell faster than their non-staged counterparts.

  • Homes sell in less than two weeks. Over 90 percent of homes whose owners use the services of these companies make a sale within the first two weeks of being on the market.

  • They also sell for almost 20 percent more than comparable homes that do not get staged.

What's Wrong with that House?

One of the biggest concerns of home sellers is having their home sit on the market for an extended period. When a house does not sell, the owner has to reduce the price or take it off the market. If you cut the selling amount, potential buyers wonder what is wrong with the house. The result could be less interest and having to settle for an offer that is well below the asking price you have set.

Why Staging Makes Sense

Professional stagers bring in furniture that fits perfectly with the size and style of the home. They bring in beautiful accessories to coordinate with each room. Everything brought into the house has been carefully considered. The result is a perfectly decorated house. Potential buyers can see themselves happily living in the space. Since nothing brought into the house reminds them of current owners living there, it makes it much easier for them to picture themselves living in the home.

Rather than being an expense, a company that specializes in staging can help you make money. They make sure that your house gets presented in the best way possible. They do such an excellent job that you may find buyers in a bidding war over your home. As a seller, anything that you can do to make your home sell faster and for more money is a good thing.

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