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The Second Set of Hands: The Value of Home Concierge Services

Our lives are busier than ever, and we juggle busy schedules while trying to fit everything into one 24-hour day. With so much to do, it’s hard to take care of all the things around your home. Fortunately, home concierge services and home stagers are professionals who can take your worries out of that area of your life and free up precious time for you to take care of other things in your life.

What can a concierge do for you?

If you’re wondering what home concierge services can do for you, the answer is everything. Your personal concierge can take care of tasks like light housekeeping, taking your car to the garage, running errands, picking up your mail, event planning and more. A personal concierge and a home stager are great at what they do, and you’ll soon feel confident leaving the running of your home to them.

If you need a picture in your mind of what a personal concierge does, think about a hotel concierge. This individual looks out for guests and can be expected to take care of things like arranging dry cleaning, arranging for car services, arranging sightseeing trips, getting tickets for the theater and much more. A personal concierge does all this and more, but not while you’re staying at a hotel, and each day.

Setting the stage for a sale

Property stagers are usually used when a house is put on the real estate market. The stager is responsible for making sure the home looks its best when the real estate representative takes potential buyers through the house. Staging can be anything from adding window treatments, accessories, and floral arrangements, to adding furniture, rugs, paintings, and whatever else will bring out the home’s best features and help get the seller an offer.

Stagers usually have a background in interior design and will use those talents to perfectly embellish your home to look gorgeous. First impressions are lasting. The homeowner who wants to make sure his home moves off the market soon and fetch his asking price will use stagers to make the home look irresistible to potential buyers.

Home staging has become a popular way for sellers to get the best asking price and a quick sale on their property. A personal concierge is that extra set of hands you’ve always wanted, and they can take care of all the things you don’t have time to do yourself brilliantly. Both services offer unique ways to make your life more efficient and easier.

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